MicroTCA Motion Controller

by Nikola Radakovic (MSK (Strahlkontrollen))


Successful operation of synchrotron beamline sets high requirements on mechanical precision and accuracy of motion control. The object of Motion Control project is to access numerous actuators and sensors present in: experimental, control and optics cabin. Particular focus is given to translation of desired motion into synchronous motor movements which run diffractometer’s structure. The beamlines at DESY facility use legacy VMEbus  motion control cards that are limited in I/O features and processing power. We have developed a MicroTCA compliant card that provides control of 16 motors per card with emphasis on low torque, speed and velocity ripple.
Processing power and I/O features of  MicroTCA Motion Controller card(hereinafter DAMC-MOTCTRL) permit continuous scans, on the fly data analysis, cloud integration and daisy chaining. Conjunction of  MicroTCA and DAMC-MOTCTRL architecture provides unparalleled flexibility in retrofitting or building completely new systems.