QCD meeting

CMS Center (DESY)

CMS Center


Achim Geiser (CMS (CMS Fachgruppe QCD)), Qun Wang (DESY CMS)

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Experimental Physics responsibilities (EPR)


To collect the information of the service work, which CMS group is involved in, we list the groups, conveners and available tasks:


Physics Comparisons and Generator Tunes [PCGT]

Level-3: Arman

do Bermudez Martinez (DESY), <armando.bermudez.martinez@desy.de>;  

DESY tasks:

task 1, Tuning of intrinsic kt (~4 months)

task 2, MC@NLO and fixed order calculations for inclusive jets (~2 months) KL

task 3, Benchmark comparisons EW and jets (~2 months)

task 4, multi-jet merging in inclusive jets and DY+jets (~2 months)


Project:  Offline Software And Computing

Activity: Data Preservation

Level-3:  Data Formats  (coordinator:  A. Geiser, DESY)

Taskname: Legacy data formats (nanoAODplus)

Description: Define and validate (and produce) a nanoAOD-like data

              format to Run1 data

expected total available EPR: 15 months

           (in 2020, 13.5 months were pledged by DESY-related people)


Group: Physics Data and Monte Carlo Validation [PdmV]

Level-3: Monte Carlo Request Manager (Nur Zulaiha binti Jomhari (Nuha), nur.zulaiha.jomhari@desy.de)


  • Co-coordinating of the work of the generator contacts from DPG, POG and PAGs

    • in the preparation of the MC production workflows,

    • in close collaboration with the GEN group,

    • and co-chairing the MC Coordination Meeting (weekly on Wednesdays).

  • Operating the MC request management tool (McM) as administrator, dispatching workflows to the CMS computing production team, and monitoring of the production status.

  • Contribute to improvement and further development of the PPD production and monitoring tools (McM and pMp), in close cooperation with PPD software engineers.

  • Participating in the production of the validation samples.

  • Attending relevant meetings, in particular PPD Coordination and PPD general meetings.

L3 position in PdmV usually for 1 year, extendable, EPR 2-4 months per year


Group: Btagging and Vertexing for High Level Trigger HLT [BTV@HLT] in coordination with Trigger Studies Group (TSG)
Level-3: Sebastian Wuchterl (DESY) (sebastian.wuchterl@cern.ch)
4-5 Tasks, EPR discussable, ~ 2 months each
Run 3:

  • Validating/Studying the current reconstruction and trigger paths for Run 3 conditions

  • Deploying and studying DeepJet at HLT

  • Studying B-Tagging using Pixel (Pata-)tracks

  • Adding E+Mu BTagging performance trigger in the Run 3 menu

Phase 2:

  • Studying and developing “BTagging” using L1 Trigger information (Tracks, Vertices,Jets)


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