PCD Data Science Basics

Data Science Lecture: A brief introduction
 to machine learning
 (from a fundamental physics 

by Gregor Kasieczka (Institut fuer Experimentalphysik / UHH)


This event is part of a series of lectures and tutorials on data science topics hosted by the Platform for Challenges in Data Science in the excellence cluster "Quantum Universe" between DESY and Universität Hamburg. It is intended specifically for the PhD students in the cluster but younger and more senior members are of course also welcome.

Machine learning and deep learning are rapidly becoming key tools in all aspects of our fundamental research. In this lecture I will try to give a brief pedagogical introduction to some key concepts and methods often encountered. This should serve as preparation for the more specialised lectures over the next two semesters.

Organized by

Gregor Kasieczka, Matthias Schröder