DOIT looks outside the box - Job Seminar


Seminar: "DOIT looks outside the box"

We are excited to announce a new seminar from our series "DOIT looks outside the box". This seminar will take place virtually.
The invited speakers are former physicists who now work in the "industry". They give an introduction to what they are doing and also answer the question of what drove their decision to leave academia, a great opportunity to see interesting career options after the PhD. There will be plenty of time for questions.


This time our speaker is an R&D Engineer Sr. 

Dr. Thomas Calmano will tell us about his tasks at Coherent LaserSystems GmbH & Co. KGLasers made in Lübeck. What does an R&D Engineer do at Coherent?.

When: Wednesday, May 5, 4:00 pm
Where: Zoom meeting room (connection details will be announced shortly before the seminar)

Unfortunately, there will be no food and drinks sponsored by the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School as the seminar takes place online :(

We hope to see many of you (virtually) there!


The agenda of this meeting is empty