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10 December 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

PIER is pleased to announce its next PIER Startup Workshop “Finance and Funding for Startups” for early stage researchers (PhD students and Postdocs), taking place remotely (via Zoom) on 10 December 2021.

In this workshop, participants are introduced to sound financial planning methods for startup projects and learn how they can transfer their own business ideas or research results into different financial frameworks. The financial part of the business plan is an important instrument in order to quantify business models and share one’s own business idea with potential investors. Creating a proper financial plan represents a special challenge that includes rules, which entrepreneurs and business professionals need to become familiar with and follow. 

The participants will also learn about various financing strategies and opportunities such as Venture Capital, government grants, debts, subsidies and other funding opportunities for start-ups along the different stages from idea generation to the actual establishment of a company in Germany and the EU.

By using different examples, the participants are equipped with the basics of financial business planning and business financing in order for them to be able to lay the groundwork for future financial decisions.

The workshop offers a mix of theoretical input as well as creative and practical group exercises, which encourage the participants to think and act like entrepreneurs when drafting their financial plans, statements and records. In order to create an interactive learning environment, each participant can ask individual questions and share their personal experiences and opinions within the group.

Learning outcomes:

  • Becoming familiar with the financial plan
  • Creating financial awareness for entrepreneurial projects
  • Understanding funding strategies, resources and opportunities 
  • Exploring the option of turning research results into actual business ventures
  • Developing different types of financial frameworks for banks

The workshop will be facilitated by Andreas Voss (Concis Group!).

Required software: to participate in the virtual workshop for individual & group exercises

  • Andreas Voss

Registration Deadline: 6 December 2021

As the number of participants is limited, early registration is strongly recommended. Members of DESY and Universität Hamburg will be given preference.

Registration for this event is currently open.