Joint Theory Seminar of European XFEL, CFEL & University of Hamburg

Modeling of ultrafast X-ray induced demagnetization in magnetic multilayer systems

by Victor Tkachenko (IFJ PAN & European XFEL)

Zoom meeting

Zoom meeting


We report on the results obtained with the modeling tool constructed to follow ultrafast demagnetization induced by X-ray free-electron laser radiation in ferromagnetic materials. The tool includes nanoscopic description of all predominant processes occurring in the X-ray irradiated magnetic material on femtosecond timescales. With this model, we have studied the evolution of magnetic multilayer systems previously investigated experimentally with magnetic small angle X-ray scattering technique: (i) Co/Pt multilayer at the M-edge of Co (photon energy ∼ 60 eV), and (ii) Co/Pd multilayer system at the L-edge of Co (photon energy ∼ 778 eV). Our results show that the magnetic scattering signal from these systems decreases with time as a result of their progressing demagnetization, which is due to the electronic excitation and relaxation processes both in the cobalt and in the platinum/palladium layers. The decrease becomes stronger with the increasing fluence of the incoming radiation, following accurately the trends observed in the experimental data.


Host: Nils Brouwer

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