H1+ZEUS plenary + EB discussion


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Topic: H1+ZEUS+NNLOJET paper

Time: Aug 24, 2021 02:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna


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Minutes and Decisions of EB2 - 24.8.21

I. Abt, A. Cooper-Sarkar, K. Wichmann
B. Foster, T. Gehrmann, C. Gwenlan, S. Schmitt, M. Sutton, M. Wing, Z. Zhang

A full update of the analysis was presented to the collaborations.
- The analysers, Katarzyna and Mandy, were thanked for the re-analysis
  and updated results.
- The NNLOJet group was thanked for the new NNLO QCD calculations.
- The editor, Iris, was thanked for the updates to the paper draft.

The editorial board meeting focused on the presentation of the results in the
paper draft and discussed significant issues with the draft.

All figures were modified according to the decisions of EB1

  -- Are there any further issues?

 == ratio plots on PDFs
   -- Figures 7/8/9/10 stay
   -- ZZ: new plot:
          -- total uncertainties and ratios of all 4 PDFs (uv, dv, g and sea)
            -- we looked at a first version of this  at 10 GeV^2:
               == no extra information obtained
            --> internal material for 10GeV^2
                style of Fig.4  for  NNLO and JetsNNLO
                ratio plot with total uncertainties  

The text [content] was modified according to the decisions of EB1.

 == Are there any further issues as far as content is concerned?
  -- SS:line 305-311: I have great difficulties to understand that text.
     My proposal would be to remove this, or to say something more
     simple. Maybe like this:
     ... questionable.
     For jet cross section predictions, a variation of alpha_s is
     similar to a scale variation, and HERAPDF2.0Jets is made available
     for two different choices of fixed alpha_s.
     Nevertheless, a cross check ...

   ==> EB2 Decision: Keep it in and Iris and Thomas to consider improving
       and some citations will be included if appropriate.

  -- comparison with past results; lines 278 -- 291
     the red stuff goes.
     Should the rest stay or just be replaced with their is broad
     agreement with previous results?

   ==> EB2 Decision: keep as it as far as numbers are concerns
                     and add senteneces on consistency.
             Include NNLOJet result from their erratum.
  -- MS: confused by description between lines 34 and 35

   ==> EB2 decison: Keep paragraph -- rephrase to make it clearer
                                   -- TBD with AMCS, KK & MS

  -- TG: line 47
         It is only a standard assumption
   ==> EB2 decision:     
     l.46 In addition -->  even if this assumption is valid. == out 
         new text: In addition --directly--> might be biased ...
  -- BF: line 40
         explicit inclusion of heavy quark data sets 
         line 78 to 82
     sounds like we excluded data -- has to be avoided.

The text has changed considerably. Thus, the edior will go through
the textual comments and check what is still relevant and decide
what to implement and what to dicuss at the reading.
Individual Emails have been/will be sent.

The following timeline was agreed:

- Comments on the text should be sent by 31 August.

- IA will work on a new version to be circulated to the EB by ~20 September.

- The EB will have one week to look at the new draft, so by 27 September.

- The paper will be circulated to the collaborations by 11 October.

- We expect to have the presentation to the collaborations in the week starting
  18 October.

- We expect to have the reading of the paper in the week starting 25 October.

There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.
    • 2:00 PM 3:00 PM
      Presentation to collaborations: Update of analysis and results on NNLOPDF jet analysis 1h
      Speakers: Amanda Cooper-Sarkar (Oxford) , Katarzyna Wichmann (DESY)
    • 3:00 PM 5:00 PM
      Discussion for EB members only 2h
      Speakers: Amanda Cooper-Sarkar (Oxford) , Iris Abt (MPI) , Katarzyna Wichmann (DESY)