- cannot make the dipole volume larger (gap needs to be as small as possible).
- check how we talk about alignment of the calo and tracker (talk with Wofgang)
- Kyle - can now run FLUKA - just need the gdml model file from Sasha in the coming days

- managed to increase the last quadrupole gap to 1 m from the box —> can get to ~7-8 um
- Camera: screen impinged by the beam and a camera picturing it —> 
- BPM button?
- profiler just before the beam dump right after the IP ()
- wire-scanner before and after the IP is the best option —> maybe just one before the ip, inside the ICS chamber. —> Louis will follow up with Matt et al.
- could be dedicated runs so it can be a station which may be removed during most of the time.
- would not be easy to get the beam measurement from physics data
- should we monitor the temporal length of the bunch at the IP?   —> should not vary between bunches

- 10 um is OK, 15 is already problematic for large laser focus 

- need to check the energy spectrum of neutrons (increase binning) and check the Edep independently with a neutron gun.
- maybe need to have a polymer absorber between the Cherenkov and the dump (attached to the dump).