Astroparticle Physics

Influence of magnetic field on beta-processes in supernova matter

by Alexandra Dobrynina (University of Hamburg, Germany & P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University, Russia)


Neutrinos play a significant and sometimes even dominant role in all phases of the supernova explosion. The dominant neutrino processes in a core-collapse supernova are beta-processes, which are responsible for the energy exchange between neutrinos and the matter and change a chemical composition of a matter. We investigate an influence of a magnetic field on beta-processes under conditions of a supernova matter. For realistic magnetic fields reachable in astrophysical objects, we obtain simple analytical expressions for reaction rates of beta-processes as well as energy and momentum transferred from neutrino and antineutrinos to the matter. In our analysis we use results of one-dimensional simulations of a supernova explosion performed with the PROMETHEUS-VERTEX code. We found that, in the magnetic field with the strength $B \sim 10^{15}$ G, the quantities considered are modified by several percents only and, as a consequence, the magnetic-field effects can be safely ignored, considering neutrino interaction and propagation in a supernova matter.

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