ExPaNDS extended PEB 2022

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ExPaNDS cloudTo prepare the achievements for the last year of ExPaNDS, we are renewing the experience of an "extended"-PEB, including representatives from all partner facilities, in addition to the usual WP leaders.


The ExPaNDS objectives were refined following the mid-term review and are as follows. Examples to contribute are provided for each objective.

  1. 10 facilities with a plan to implement at least one FAIR-related action as a direct effect of ExPaNDS, e.g:
    • data policy update towards FAIR
    • PID implementation for data
    • DMP implementation
    • metadata recording
    • data steward hired
  2. Progress towards FAIR data catalogue at 65%
    • endpoint for the PaN search API operational
    • public OAI-PMH endpoint operational
    • open data catalogue published in EOSC
  3. 5 data analysis pipelines in EOSC among the 11 reference datasets
    • registered as service provider
    • validated Jupyter or VM service onboarded in EOSC
    • tested pipeline running in EOSC service
  4. Training content development
    • material linked in the training catalogue
    • facility staff using the platform
  5. 5 partners in the EOSC Association
    • m​​​​embership
    • participation in TF

In preparation

Each facility to fill their progress and plans to cover the objectives in this shared document.

Forbidden topic

⛔ it is forbidden to mention resources or hiring problems in this meeting. We will review this specifically during the interim report period in March 2022.

Previous extended PEB

The minutes from the 2021 extended PEB can be found here

    • 2:12 PM 2:22 PM
      Objective 2: (meta)data catalogues at 65% 10m
      Speaker: Alun Ashton
    • 2:24 PM 2:34 PM
      Objective 3: 6 data analysis pipelines 10m
      Speaker: Anton Barty (FS-SC (Scientific computing))
    • 2:36 PM 2:46 PM
      Objective 4: Training material in the catalogue 10m
      Speaker: Ana Valcarcel-Orti
    • 2:48 PM 2:58 PM
      Objective 5: 5 members in the EOSC association 10m
      Speaker: Sophie Servan (DESY)
    • 3:00 PM 3:15 PM
      Strategy for validation of metadata standards and FAIR assessment 15m
      Speaker: Brian Matthews
    • 3:15 PM 3:30 PM
      Partners: Open issues and AOB
      • 3:15 PM
        UKRI (ISIS) 1m
        Speaker: Brian Matthews
      • 3:16 PM
        SOLEIL 1m
        Speaker: Majid Ounsy
      • 3:17 PM
        PSI 1m
        Speaker: Alun Ashton
      • 3:18 PM
        MAX IV 1m
        Speaker: Darren Spruce (MAX IV Laboratory, Lund University, Lund, Sweden)
      • 3:19 PM
        HZDR 1m
        Speaker: Uwe Konrad
      • 3:20 PM
        HZB 1m
        Speaker: Olaf-Peter Sauer
      • 3:21 PM
        Elettra 1m
        Speaker: Andrey Vukolov
      • 3:22 PM
        EGI 1m
        Speaker: Giuseppe La Rocca (EGI Foundation)
      • 3:23 PM
        Diamond 1m
        Speaker: Isabelle Boscaro-Clarke
      • 3:24 PM
        DESY 1m
        Speaker: Patrick Fuhrmann
      • 3:25 PM
        ALBA 1m
        Speaker: Nicolas Soler