Theory Colloquium

!!!NOTE UNSUAL TIME!!! Collider physics tools for classical gravitational wave observables

by Enrico Herrmann (UC Los Angeles)


In this talk, I will give an overview about some of the exciting recent advances in the extraction of classical precision observables for the relativistic two-body problem in General Relativity. This timely computational progress is relevant to both present and future gravitational wave observatories. Despite various available avenues of attack, some of which are pioneered at DESY, I will mostly concentrate on the framework devised by Kosower, Maybee, and O'Connell (KMOC) which expresses classical observables in terms of scattering amplitudes. I will highlight how collider physics ideas, such as generalized unitarity, integration-by-parts relations, the method of regions, reverse unitarity, and differential equations allow us to compute for example the scattering angle and the radiated energy for the collision of two black holes to order G^3 (a 2-loop computation). I will also briefly explore the generalization of these ideas to other classical observables, such as the radiated angular momentum, as well as to different classes of theories (including scalar QED) to explore certain universal behavior in the classical limit.

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