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dynaMENT Workshop 3: Learning to “lean in”

Seminar Room, Ground Floor (HARBOR)

Seminar Room, Ground Floor



Workshop 3: Learning to “lean in” Techniques to break your inner glass ceiling and become more visible in your career.

The world needs more women in leading positions in academia, but there are many outside and inside dynamics – most of them invisible - that make female scientists face considerable barriers and hurdles on their career path. Most work environments are still dominated by male power and communication systems and women have to find a way to deal with those effectively and find their own style in leading others and themselves. In the workshop we will identify and reflect on some of the power and communication “games” which can take place and based on those findings, participants are invited to develop their own concrete methods and tactics how to handle difficult and challenging situations they have experienced or will most probably face in the future.

Learning objectives:

• Understanding women´s dilemmas and pitfalls in the workplace and establish individual strategies to handle them.

• Learning how to communicate (or speak up, promote your ideas, say “no” etc.) in a male oriented environment • Increasing self-awareness and self-competence

• Planning of individual milestones and finding a structure for further support.

• Understanding the meaning and techniques of a powerful network and encouraging network activity (online and offline)

Methods Used: The approach is systematic and creative at the same time. Trainer input, small group work, plenary sessions, solitary work and open space for questions will alternate in this workshop for a lively, concentrated and personal working atmosphere.

Materials: Participants will receive a printed workbook for some tools and for taking notes

Structure: The Workshop is planned to take place March 21st, 2022 at HARBOR. Time Schedule: 09.30 - 12.30 and from 13.30 - 17.00.

Preparation: Preliminary to the workshop, participants are asked to reflect on past situations they have experienced as difficult or challenging, for example when speaking to superiors, promoting their ideas, leading others, dealing with conflicts and so on

Trainer: Jutta Schwarz

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