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Webinar on Mental Health: Rethinking Productivity

by Dr Desiree Dickerson

Zoom (online)




This year, the Clusters of Excellence will continue their cooperation with Dr. Desiree Dickerson and host another short series of webinars on Mental Health which will be open to all researchers at Quantum Universe and CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter. This year we would like to invite you to "rethink productivity" with us.

Learn to see productivity through a well-being lens. Learn how to structure your day in a way that aids your concentration and focus, rather than constantly detracting from it.

- How to create a routine during times of constant change.
- Learn to ride the productivity wave (especially when it feels like a trickle).
- Create a rhythm that works for you, rather than against you.
- Navigate the balancing act of families and research.
- Plan to be (realistically) productive – learn to build useful to-do lists!
- Using breaks to optimise efficiency.



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