DESY/Hamburg U. String Theory Seminar

AdS3 strings from the worldsheet

by Alessandro Sfondrini (Padova University)





It is an outstanding challenge to study superstrings on generic
backgrounds: those involving only NSNS fields can be described in terms
of a local worldsheet CFT, but RR field strengths make this impossible.
This issue arises in all but a handful of backgrounds, preventing the
computation of even the simplest observables such as the string
spectrum. However, a surprisingly large number of stringy setups can be
quantised and solved starting from the Green-Schwarz description of the
string and constructing an associated non-relativistic integrable QFT. I
will illustrate this in the case of strings in AdS3 backgrounds, which
are crucially important in string theory, black-hole physics and
holography, and display a unique interplay of RR and NSNS strengths.
After a review of the setup, I will describe the related IQFT, which
features a mixture of gapped and gapless non-relativistic excitations,
illustrate the dynamics of their scattering, their rather unique
analytic structure and thermodynamic Bethe ansatz. Based on recent work
with Sergey Frolov.

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