MMS Annual Meeting 2022

DESY Zeuthen, SR3

International Helmholtz-Weizmann Research School on Multimessenger Astronomy

Annual Meeting 2022

The event is hybrid. Participants can attend either at DESY Zeuthen (Germany) or from remote. Connection details will follow here soon.

Deadline for registration is May 31st.

For students and PIs from WIS and other institutions that are planning to attend in person: Please plan to travel already on Wednesday, June 15 as we will start on June 16 around 9h CET.


Note: The time table is evolving according to the numbers of remote/in person participants. Watch out for changes!





Coordination office
    • Welcome
    • PhD presentations 10´+10´ (Mahmoud, Loris, Oz)
    • Coffee break
    • PhDs Meeting / PIs Meeting
    • Lunch at DESY cafeteria
    • Zeuthen Data Science Seminar - Eran Ofek "The MATLAB Astronomy & Astrophysics Toolbox (MAAT)"

      Login is the following:
      Meeting ID: 815 2329 9374

    • 3:15 PM
      Short Break
    • PhD presentations 10´+10´ (Julian, Amir, Marc, Simeon, Jannis)
    • 5:00 PM
      Short Break
    • Meet Lia and Annette, Career Counselors at DESY
    • Leave campus for common dinner

      We will eat at Biermeisterei Lemke (KARL-LIEBKNECHT-STR. 13 10178 BERLIN). We take the S-Bahn to go there together!

    • PhD presentations 10´+10´ (Jonas, Pavlo, Alice)
    • Coffee break
    • AP Seminar: Alba Domi, "Recent results from KM3NeT/ORCA"
    • Old Poster Session (Jowita, Maria, Zack, Richard, Luca, Tim, Sven)
    • Lunch at DESY cafeteria
    • Wrap up, next steps within the MMS, and Closing
    • Boat tour (meeting at 11.30h at Friedrichstr./Weidendamm - the tour starts at 11.45h)
    • Eventually lunch together