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Data Science QUareer Night

SR I-III & Foyer (CFEL)

SR I-III & Foyer


Bdg. 99
Gregor Kasieczka (UNI/EXP (Uni Hamburg, Institut fur Experimentalphysik)), Matthias Schroeder (Universität Hamburg)

A data science career event connecting young researchers with physicists working on data science problems in industry. The target audience are PhD students and young postdocs, but younger students and more senior researchers are welcome as well. 

We will have short presentations on interesting data science problems in industry with enough time for discussion and networking by

  • Dr. Anastasia Karavdina (Blue Yonder)
  • Dr. Jasone Garay Garcia (Airbus)
  • Dr. Paolo Gunnellini (Hermes)
  • Dr. Rebekka Hoeing (d-fine)
  • Dr. Friederike Nowak (dataport)
  • Dr. Milena Quittnat (Digitale Schiene Deutschland)

The event will take in-person, with the option to follow the presentations via Zoom. We encourage you to wear masks during the event and ask you to refrain from joining in-person should you feel sick.

This event is organised as part of the Quantum Universe Cluster but researchers from other areas are welcome as well.

Please register by July 11 if you like to participate.