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dynaMENT Start-up Workshop Advanced

by Ljubica Lozo

Ground Floor Seminar Room (HARBOR)

Ground Floor Seminar Room


Luruper Chaussee 149, Hamburg

The aim of the workshop is to acquaint programme participants with mentoring as a tool in staff development and clarify the following questions: What is mentoring? Which characteristics do I envision in an ideal mentor? How can I identify my ideal mentor? What issues can and can't a mentor help me with? How can mentoring support me develop my career? How can I best prepare for working with my mentor? What is the role of the mentor, and what is the role of the mentee? What do I want my mentor to support me with? What do I want out of the mentoring relationship? What do I expect from my mentor and the mentoring programme? ...

Therefore, the workshop will focus on the following issues:

• Definition and significance of mentoring and the difference between mentoring and coaching
• Issues, questions and scope of mentoring

• Based on my professional situation and objectives as an advanced postdoc:
o Who could be my ideal mentor? (drawing a prototype of the ideal mentor)
o Strategies for finding a mentor and creating successful mentoring relationships

• Identification of professional and personal development goals of the advanced postdocs within the programme
The mentoring relationship
• Mentees’ expectations regarding the mentor
• The mentee and the mentor: roles and responsibilities
• Meetings with the mentor: organisation and arrangement
• The preparation of the initial meeting with the mentor

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