DESY/Hamburg U. String Theory Seminar

Dynamical Cobordism and the end of the world

by Prof. Angel Uranga (IFT-UAM/CSIC)

SR2 (Online) (Building 2a)

SR2 (Online)

Building 2a



I will discuss spacetime dependent solutions with running scalar fields in string theory setups exhibiting singularities at finite distance in spacetime. I will argue that these singularities are resolved in the complete theory as boundaries ending spacetime, in a dynamical version of the Swampland Cobordism Conjecture. The near singularity regime of the solutions exhibit interesting scaling relations for the spacetime curvature and the exponentially diverging distance in scalar field space, which suggest interesting links with the Swampland Distance Conjecture. I will mainly discuss space dependent solutions, but present a time dependent example exhibiting a boundary in the time direction, as a Lorentzian avatar of the Hartle-Hawking origin of the universe.


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