Self-defense crash course

Room 1.173 (Main building XFEL (XHQ))

Room 1.173

Main building XFEL (XHQ)

European XFEL, Holzkoppel 4, 22869 Schenefeld.

The field of realistic self-defense encompasses a lot – from de-escalation and tactical avoidance to effective defensive techniques against physical attacks.


Our head plays at least as big a role in self-defense as our body does. Our mental state influences our well-being and our self-confidence which are reflected in our behavior. Especially when we are dealing with the issue of sexual harassment, the areas of “confident appearance”, “boundaries setting" and "assertiveness" should be considered. 


Contents of the workshop are:

• Basics of self-defense: posture, movement, attention

• De-escalation and tactical behavior

• Defense against typical attacks

• Increase in self-awareness

• Scenario training: "What do I do if...?"

• Strengthening of self-confidence through various exercises on cognitive and physical level

• Setting boundaries and maintaining them

The event takes place in presence and in English.


About the trainers:


Isabella studied business psychology and is a certified trainer for therapeutic boxing and Krav Maga. She practices other martial arts as well. She teaches at schools and martial arts clubs for children, teenagers and adults. At her school “Artemis Academy” she gives personal trainings and small groups training.



Rolf has been a Ju Jutsu trainer for 35 years and has a 4th black belt in Ju Jutsu. He teaches children, teenagers and adults in Ju Jutsu and realistic self-defense and has a long career as fighter, trainer and coach in competitions. He teaches together with Isabella mainly ay the Police sport club and at schools. 

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