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Network Requirements for LHC data analysis



Arnulf Quadt (II. Physikalisches Institut, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen), Matthias Kasemann (DESY/CMS)
Introduction: LHC data traffic between T0 and T1 centers is well served by the OPN network which demonstrated its capability successfully during 1st year of data taking. There is the OPN group to take care to adapt this network to the evolving needs. Analysis of LHC data is performed heavily at T2 and T3 centers. In Germany most of the T2 sites are connected to the German NREN provided by the DFN. The LHC data traffic is often using a substantial fraction and at times dominating the total capacity of the bandwidth of large T2 sites. Data transfers are to the German T1 in Karlsruhe as well as world wide to other T1 and T2 centers. Scope of the Workshop: In the workshop we will review the experience gained during the first year of LHC data analysis, analyze traffic patterns, discuss the expected evolution of data volume and analysis models and the impact on networking needs. Potential national and international upgrades of the networking architecture and bandwidth provision will be presented. The goal of the workshop is to prepare a decision whether and when networking for LHC data analysis needs to be upgraded and to what level. Intended Participation: - German ATLAS, CMS computing coordination - Helmholtz Allianz Grid Project Board - DFN - CERN IT - T1 management, networking experts - German T2 centers - invited: ATLAS and CMS computing management - invited: ALICE german computing coordination - invited: computing coordination from Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland Meeting location: seminar room (1st floor) in Paulinerkirche/old library, Papendiek 14, 37073 Göttingen, 5 minutes walking distance from railway station. Recommended hotels: - Hotel Stadt Hannover (reserved 4 single (71,- Euro) and 6 double (82,- Euro) rooms for 24./25.1.) Reservation via phone +49 (0)551 547960 or via email to with keyword "networking workshop" - Hotel Kasseler Hof Registration and fee: Registration is via this indico web page. The conference fee of 10,- Euro covers drinks and a light lunch and will be paid cash upon arrival.
  • Achim Streit
  • Adam Padee
  • Alexander Gall
  • Andreas Heiss
  • Anton J. Gamel
  • Arnulf Quadt
  • Bernhard Neumair
  • David Foster
  • Gen Kawamura
  • Guenter Duckeck
  • Günter Quast
  • Holger Beck
  • Joachim Schultes
  • Johannes Elmsheuser
  • Jörg Meyer
  • Kai Leffhalm
  • Karin Schauerhammer
  • Kars Ohrenberg
  • Klaus Ehret
  • Klaus Ullmann
  • Matthias Kasemann
  • Oswald Haan
  • Pavel Weber
  • Peter Malzacher
  • Szymon Trocha
  • Thomas Kreß
  • Tim Ehlers
  • Torsten Harenberg
  • Volker Guelzow
    • 1
      Introduction, Organization matters
      Speakers: Prof. Arnulf Quadt (II. Physikalisches Institut, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen), Mr Matthias Kasemann (DESY/CMS)
    • 2
      Tier2s connectivity requirements Working Group report
      Speaker: Kors Bos
    • 3
      Networking for ATLAS analysis in D: experience and outlook
      Speaker: Guenter Duckeck (LMU München)
    • 12:45 PM
      Lunch Break
    • 4
      Networking for CMS analysis in D: experience and outlook
      Speaker: Dr Thomas Kress (RWTH Aachen, IIIb)
    • 5
      Plans for International Networking for LHC Data analysis
      Speaker: David Foster
    • 6
      German Networking plans for LHC Analysis
      Speaker: DFN
    • 7
      Discussion & Summary