Active Training Course "Advanced Deep Learning"

Bernhäuser Forst

Bernhäuser Forst

Dr.-Manfred-Müller-Straße 4 70794 Filderstadt

The Active Training Course "Advanced Deep Learning" will take place over 4 days at Bernhäuser Forst in Filderstedt. The event serves the professional education of young scientists belonging to the ErUM Community and is being organized by the community organization DIG-UM with support from the BMBF-funded ErUM-Data-Hub

The intensive course on Transformers, Normalizing Flows and Autoencoders will be held from 21.05.24 - 24.05.24. The course includes a challenge to be worked out and presented by participant subgroups. The workshop is aimed at deep-learning enthusiasts from all ErUM communities (Research on Universe and Matter) who have prior knowledge of neural networks and applied basic concepts of deep learning. 

A fee of 300€ will be charged for participation in the course. The workshop fee includes the cost of the workshop, accommodation and catering. Registration closes tba.

Read here about the first Active Training Course "Advanced Deep Learning" in November 2022.