In situ Rheology

Sem. room 456/Bldg. 25f (DESY Hamburg)

Sem. room 456/Bldg. 25f

DESY Hamburg

Rheology developed in recent year to much more than a technique to characterize materials, with the plethora of combinations of rheology with other methods like light/neutron/x-ray scattering, NMR and microscopy.
This inspired us to organize a workshop with the theme “In situ Rheology”. Goal of this workshop is to establish an exchange of ideas between scientist working on combined rheological techniques like in order to intensify these efforts and trigger development of new methodology. The workshop itself will be without costs, including food and drinks, but travel and lodging will have to be covered by the participants.

All participants are invited to present a poster.

Number of participants and talks is limited.

Workshop organizers:
Pavlik Lettinga
Günter Auernhammer
Bernd Struth

Please note that the registration for the workshop does NOT include room booking, Please contact therefore Hotel Mercure (see Accomodation).


The agenda of this meeting is empty