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Bi-weekly Machine Protection System meeting

55a/01.110 (DESY Hamburg)


DESY Hamburg

The bi-weekly Machine Protection System (MPS) meeting is intended to be used as a mean of communication between the developers of the interlock system for FLASH & XFEL and the different suppliers of alarms that warn about dangerous conditions in the operation of the accelerators.
  • Martin Staack
  • Sven Karstensen
BLM interface to MPS 
The only point of disagreement between the BLM group and MPS is in the responsability for the masking 
 of induced beam losses: LOLA and TDS activity, presence of wire scanners 
A new meeting with BLM and timing people will be held to come to a solution. 
Questions to be exposed in the meeting: 
- Is there a beam pickup in the machine that gives information about bunch pattern in the accelerator 
 to correlate with the provided timing? 
- Is the timing system aware of the presence of wire scanner activity? 
- How much effort is involved in: 
    - getting timing info in the BLMs 
    - masking BLM alarms in the MPS 
Sharing of documentation: 
- The regular bi-weekly meetings will be held on Thursdays at 10:30.  They will be handled via Indico 
 in following location (for the moment): 
- Report of incidences, minutes of meetings and documents will be kept in the MPS logbook: 
- Common editing should be also handled through the logbook, taking care that the editor gets the 
 latest copy of the document to proceed with new updates (send email around??) 
In the meantime we could try the new tool suported by DESY: OwnCloud 
- For code sharing, Sven is already using DESY SVN 
- Final documents should go to EDMS 
    A meeting should be held to figure out how to communicate between MPS and timing system 
 Is everybody providing RS422 signals to MPS? 

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    • 10:00 10:20
      BLM interface to MPS 20m
      Speaker: Martin Staack (DESY)
    • 10:20 10:40
      Document management 20m
    • 10:40 11:00
      Status of MPS specs 20m
    • 11:00 11:20
      Open subjects (alarm and control interfaces, timing system interface) 20m
      Speaker: Mr Sven Karstensen (DESY)