Bi-weekly Machine Protection System meeting

Building 1b/Sem 4b (DESY Hamburg)

Building 1b/Sem 4b

DESY Hamburg

The bi-weekly Machine Protection System (MPS) meeting is intended to be used as a mean of communication between the developers of the interlock system for FLASH & XFEL and the different suppliers of alarms that warn about dangerous conditions in the operation of the accelerators.
1- It was agreed to use the MPS elogbook as place to share information.  Owncloud excluded although it could be used to transfer files personally (a kind of shared folder or dropbox)
2- A detailed description of the different phases of operation of the MPS in Flash I and Flash II: how the old PLC system will communicate with new uTCA system installed for Flash II
3- We will go through all of the elements interfacing with the MPS and will find out the action to be taken in case they fire an alarm.
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