ALPS seminar

Laser interferometry in Gravitational wave and Axion detectors

by Prof. Guido Mueller (University of Florida)

7a, building 7 (DESY Hamburg)

7a, building 7

DESY Hamburg

The laser interferometric gravitational wave observatories LIGO, VIRGO, and GEO 600 have pushed interferometer technology into new territory far beyond what was believed to be possible only 20 years ago. Displacement sensitivities as low as 10zm/rtHz or 10^-20m/rtHz over a wide range of frequencies will soon be reached and will enable us to detect gravitational waves from neutron star and black hole mergers. This has been made possible by the development of new laser sources, improved optical components, seismic isolation and suspension systems, and a much better understanding of how to describe light itself. These new technologies and improved understanding is now influencing other areas of physics like Axion or hidden sector photon searches. I will give an overview of the state of the art in laser interferometry as used in LIGO and how it can be applied to Axion searches.

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