Joint Workshop on High Pressure, Planetary, and Plasma Physics

DLR Institute of Planetary Research

DLR Institute of Planetary Research

Rutherfordstr. 2 12489 Berlin-Adlershof

Purpose and Goals

The main objective of this workshop is to bring together scientists from different fields of expertise to discuss topics related to the research fields of high pressure, planetary, and plasma physics. This is a follow-up meeting to the workshop “Science beyond 4 Mbar and using dynamic compression“ held in October 2012 at DESY with contribution by European XFEL.

The aim of the present workshop is to discuss scientific questions with relevance for extreme planetary environments in terms of high pressure (HP) and high temperature (HT).These conditions are prevalent in the deep interiors and atmospheric envelopes of solar system planets and satellites and massive solid and gas giant extrasolar planets, respectively, and are not fully accessible by conventional experimental and theoretical methods. New and enabling techniques to be used in the HP/HT regime are based on the combination of intense pulsed x-ray sources with pulsed sample excitation, in particular but not exclusively related to high energy optical lasers. Simultaneously, ab initio simulations for matter under extreme conditions provide a more and more predictive data set for planetary interiors in this HP/HT regime.

The preliminary program addresses the following topics

  • evolution and structure of giant planet interiors,
  • interior structure, bulk composition, and internal geodynamics of solid planets,
  • deep volatile cycles and exchange processes between geochemical reservoirs,
  • physics and chemistry of impact processes,
  • equations of state, petrology, and geochemistry of planetary materials,
  • melting relations and phase transformations of materials at extreme states,
  • dynamic and ultrafast processes in strongly excited solids or similar,
  • laboratory experiments using multi-anvil and diamond-anvil cells,
  • ab initio simulation studies for matter under extreme conditions.

Abstracts and contributions are welcome to the above subject areas that represent an initial outline and are open to further suggestions. The workshop will include a mix of solicited, contributed and poster presentations. This meeting is also intended to inspire new projects and offer scientific opportunities for future collaboration between workshop participants from distinct research fields.

The workshop will start on October, 23 at noon and will end on October, 25 at noon.

Confirmed speakers
- Gianluca Gregori, University of Oxford, UK
- Sandro Jahn, GFZ Potsdam, Germany
- Ravit Helled, University of Tel Aviv, Israel
- Stephane Mazevet, University of Paris, France
- Yamila Miguel, MPIA Heidelberg, Germany
- T. Spohn, DLR Berlin, Germany
- Nicola Tosi, TU Berlin, Germany
- Kai Wünnemann, Museum f. Naturkunde Berlin, Germany

The workshop is organised by
- Frank Sohl, DLR, Germany
- Hanns-Peter Liermann, DESY, Germany
- Ronald Redmer, University of Rostock, Germany
- Gerd Steinle-Neumann, University of Bayreuth, Germany
- Thomas Tschentscher, European XFEL, Germany
- Frank W. Wagner, DLR Germany

For further information, please contact

  • Abel Blazevic
  • Andreas Becker
  • Antonio Roberto Piriz
  • Attilio Rivoldini
  • Bob Nagler
  • Daniel Cebulla
  • Daniela Künzel
  • DetlefR de Niem
  • Emma McBride
  • Frank Sohl
  • Frank Wagner
  • Gabriel-Dominique Marleau
  • Gerd Steinle-Neumann
  • Hanns-Peter Liermann
  • Hans J. Mueller
  • harmand marion
  • Heike Rauer
  • John Lee Grenfell
  • Kai Wünnemann
  • Karen Appel
  • Libor Juha
  • Mandy Bethkenhagen
  • Manuel Schöttler
  • Manuela Borchert
  • Michal Stransky
  • Naeem Tahir
  • Nicola Tosi
  • Nitin Kumar Jaiswal
  • Paul Neumayer
  • Philip von Paris
  • Ravit Helled
  • Robert Püstow
  • Ronald Redmer
  • Sandro Jahn
  • Stephane Mazevet
  • Szilard Csizmadia
  • Thomas Ruedas
  • Thomas Tschentscher
  • Tilman Spohn
  • Tilo Doeppner
  • Tina Rückriemen
  • Yamila Miguel
  • Zuzana Konopkova
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