Terascale C++ School 2014

DESY Hamburg

DESY Hamburg

The main goal of the Terascale C++ school is to help participants learn the techniques of object-oriented programming in C++. The school addresses all physicists from the student to the senior level who feel that they would profit from lectures and hands-on exercises on the following topics:

- going from C to C++, function overloading, default parameters, operators
- class basics, namespaces, constructors, destructors
- C++ style input/output operations (basics)
- dynamic memory management, pointers
- using templates and the Standard Template Library (STL basics)
- STL data structures and generic algorithms
- advanced classes: function classes, inheritance, abstract base classes
- C++ style input/output operations (advanced, class hierarchy, iterators)
- external libraries: the Boost library
- handling multiple source files, using make, GIT

Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of C or C++ (what is a class? what is a namespace?). The focus is on programming - the physics examples used are very simple. Prerequisites will be defined in due time and should be taken seriously!

A clearer impression about what is to be expected from the school can be found by looking at last year's event.

The registration fee is 40 EUR and has to be paid cash at the on-site registration.

The school will start on Monday at 14.00h and will finish on Friday before lunch. After lunch at 14.00h, you will have the opportunity to take part in a DESY Tour which will take approx. two hours. If you are interested, please let us know at the on-site registration.

On Wednesday night, we will be having a school dinner at the DESY Bistro which is included in the school fee.
C++ class
  • Amir Noori Shirazi
  • Carsten Bittrich
  • Christian Dehn
  • Christian Hambrock
  • Cong Peng
  • Diganta Das
  • Elena Castro
  • Elena Zarkh
  • Elke Aeikens
  • Hale Sert
  • Halil Olgun
  • Heinrich Leithoff
  • Hendrik Jansen
  • Imkong Sentitemsu Imsong
  • Jamie Tattersall
  • Jordi Nadal
  • Jose del Peso
  • Kornel Ecsedi
  • Laura Vanhoefer
  • Lukas Mitzka
  • Magdalena Zenglein
  • Mareike Bojer
  • Mehran Taherkhani
  • Moritz Habermehl
  • Mykola Stepaniuk
  • Pavel Alexeev
  • Peter Schuh
  • Philipp Böer
  • Rebecca Klein
  • Roberval Walsh
  • Robin Kieser
  • Roman Klasen
  • Stanislav Suchek
  • Stefano Colucci
  • Stephan Maldaner
  • Swasti Belwal
  • Thomas Schörner-Sadenius
  • Timon Emken
  • Monday, June 16
    • 2:00 PM 2:05 PM
      Welcome 5m
    • 2:05 PM 2:25 PM
      ... everzthing after the welcome ... 20m
      Speaker: Dr Zoltan Nagy (DESY)