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08:00 Axions for the ESPP Update Process (Dr. Lindner, Axel)
08:00 OSCaR (Mrs. Bandiera, Laura) (DESY Hamburg: )
08:00 AHCAL EPT Analysis Meeting  (DESY Hamburg: FLC Control Room)
08:00 AHCAL Weekly Meeting  (DESY Hamburg: Seminar Room 1d)
08:00 Anmeldung zur Elb-Akademie 2018 (DESY Hamburg: Schülerlabor)
08:00 DV Klausurtagung 2018  (Waldhotel Eiche: )
08:00 ATLAS-ITK-Pixel (Bomben, Marco) (DESY Hamburg: )
09:00 ZAF meeting (DESY Hamburg: SR 4a)
09:30 TEDD Design, Prototyping & Assembly Meeting  (HARB, Ali; Mussgiller, Andreas) (DESY- Building 1 : CMS meeting room)
10:00 Techniker-Runde  (UHH: Geb. 68, SR 125)
10:00 Higgs -> bb Working Meeting  (Building 1b: SR 3a)
10:00 DESY SUSY YIG meeting  (DESY: SR 5)
10:00 Jet Energy Calibration  (University of Hamburg: Building 68, room 125)
10:30 MT POF IV Strategy Meeting (Behnke, Ties; Prof. Jankowiak, Andreas; Weber, Marc; Bussmann, Michael) (HZB: Building 13.10, "Kino")
12:00 DOIT lunch talk (Notkestraße 85,DESY: Großer Gästespeisesaal)
13:15 Weekly UHH group meeting (DESY Geb. 68: 125)
14:00 Dynamical information in static and time-resolved core-level spectra resolved with multi-configurational quantum chemistry (Odelius, Michael) (CFEL bldg. 99: seminar room IV)
14:00 H1+ZEUS plenary meeting (DESY: SR 4a)
14:15 SiPM/CALICE Meeting (DESY Hamburg: 67b/30)
From Pure Mathematics to Precision Physics: Modern Approaches to Scattering Amplitudes (Duhr, Claude) (DESY Hamburg: build. 2a, SR2)
16:30 CFEL Christmas Picknick 2018 (CFEL: CFEL Foyer)