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08:00 Lecture Series on "Machine Learning and its Applications" (Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics: Seminar room bctp 1)
08:00 ATLAS Overview Week 2019 (Prof. Jakobs, Karl) (Berlin: Langenbeck-Virchow Haus)
08:00 NXTC Umsteigerschulung (freie Plätze)) (DESY Hamburg: 3/122)
09:30 TEDD Design, Prototyping & Assembly Meeting  (HARB, Ali; Mussgiller, Andreas) (DESY- Building 1 : CMS meeting room)
10:00 Jet Energy Calibration  (University of Hamburg: Building 68, room 125)
10:00 DESY SUSY group meeting  (DESY: CMS Center)
10:00 Higgs -> bb Working Meeting  (Building 1b: SR 3a)
12:00 8th Joint Workshop on High Pressure, Planetary and Plasma Physics (HP4) (Dresden: Mauersberger Saal)
13:15 Weekly UHH group meeting (DESY Geb. 68: 125)
14:00 Precessing jets of supermassive black holes and how the IceCube neutrino was produced (Britzen, Silke) (DESY, Zeuthen: SR3)