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08:00 CEPC-STCF (Dr. Shao, Ming) (DESY Hamburg: )
08:00 ATLAS-ITK-Strip (Dr. Kroll, Jiri) (DESY Hamburg: )
08:00 CMS-Pixel-Phase2 (Dr. Steinbrueck, Georg) (DESY Hamburg: )
08:00 NXTC Umsteigerschulung (entfällt)  (DESY Hamburg: 3/122)
09:00 Liebenberg-Klausurtagung 
10:00 ATLAS Jet+MET weekly meeting  (DESY Hamburg: ATLAS Meeting room 1c)
11:00 CMS DESY Top Meeting  (DESY Hamburg: SR 5)
12:00 DOIT Meeting (Notkestraße 85,DESY: Gästespeisesaal)
TBA (Hashiba, Soichiro) (Building 2a: 4th floor (Library))
13:15 Grazing incidence diffraction at air-water interfaces at P08 - examples from lipid monolayer systems (Dr. Shen, Chen) (25b: 109)
14:00 PhD defense:Cross Section measurements of t𝒕̅ pair production in the boosted regime in proton-proton collisions at √s = 13 TeV with the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (Daniela Domínguez Damiani) (DESY Hamburg: Gebäude 1, Seminarraum 1)
15:00 On the equivalence between Starobinsky and Higgs inflation in gravity and supergravity (Ketov, Sergey) (DESY Hamburg: Bldg. 2a, SR 2)
17:00 Status update in Higgs PAG 
Risk Committee No 26  (XHQ: MB Meeting room)
18:30 Colloqium to celebrate the retirement of Brian Foster from University Hamburg & DESY (Mr. Wenskat, Marc; Mrs. Ketels, Susan-Katrin; Dr. Walker, Nicholas; Moortgat-Pick, Gudrid; Dr. Buesser, Karsten) (DESY: Hörsaal and Elbphilharmonie, Kleiner Saal (10.9.))