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08:00 Mu3e (Mr. Augustin, Heiko) (DESY Hamburg: )
08:00 CMS-Pixel-Phase2 (Dr. Steinbrueck, Georg) (DESY Hamburg: )
08:00 SiD Test Beam (Dr. Strube, Jan) (DESY Hamburg: )
08:00 ATLAS-ITk-Pixel (Bomben, Marco) (DESY Hamburg: )
08:15 PUNCH4NFDI TA Meeting 
08:30 NXTC Umsteigerschulung (DESY Hamburg: 3/122)
09:00 Perspectives and new opportunities for X-ray absorption spectroscopy at PETRA IV (Zoom: online workshop)
09:30 ATLAS-D End-cap Meeting
09:30 DESY Zeuthen weekly meeting (DESY Zeuthen: Villa)
10:00 Johannes' group meeting  (DESY Hamburg: 68-125)
10:00 Career planning for for PhD students (Dr. Köhler, Iris) (Online via ZOOM: )
10:00 H->tautau Meeting  (Building 1: CMS centre)
LHC Physics Discussion
13:00 Higgs CP in tau decays regular working meeting  
13:00 UHH-CMS-Joined long-lived Meeting (DESY Hamburg: B68 R125)
13:00 PhD defense:Novel Concepts and Theoretical Studies for High-Quality Plasma-Based Accelerators (Mr. Ángel Ferran Pousa) (Campus Bahrendfeld: Gebäude 1b, Seminarraum 4a)
16:00 Peter's coffee hour (DESY Hamburg: B68 R125)
16:30 Mainz CALICE meeting