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  • Alessandria, S.
  • Berge, D.
  • Henjes-Kunst, K.
  • Schubotz, W.
  • Zachary, M.
On this Indico page are listed all the events of the MMS:

-PhDs call: a monthly (usually around the 15th) meeting of PhDs, PIs and the School´s coordination to gather together, discuss about next events as well as get updated from the coordination office
-PIs call: a meeting for the PIs only
-Science Clubs: a bi-weekly event in which a PhD student and a PI present a topic, followed by an open discussion
-Executive Board (EB) call: a meeting for the EB, the student representative and the School´s coordination
-the Annual Meeting: a three-day event in which the PhDs present their research topics, invited speakers give a talk and ideas about possible new research topics are developed
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