8-11 December 2014
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Key Parts of the new RTM backplane in MicroTCA.4


  • Mr. Vollrath DIRKSEN

Primary authors

Abstract content

Learn the key parts to get RTM backplane running in a MTCA.4 systems:

  • rear transition module for MCH with connection to RTM backplane
  • rear power module connected to RTM backplane
  • management of the rear power modules
  • management of µRTMs connected to front AMCs
  • management of µRTMs connected to front AMCs and RTM backplane
  • management of eRTMs with only connection to RTM backplane


Desy and industrial partners extend MicroTCA.4 by integrating a RTM backplane behind the MTCA backplane. In the PICMG MTCA.4 hardware workgroup the mechanics and management extensions are prepared for standardization.

This presentation shows how

  • the needed differential power i.e. +7,-7 Volt is produced and connected to the RTM backplane
  • to manage this power and how e-keying is implemented
  • to manage beside the µRTMs with optional RF connector also the eRTMs (eRTMs are not connected to any front AMC)
  • how to manage a minimal configuration with just one eRTM but no additional power

After listening to this presentation you will have a status update of the standardization of RF in MTCA.4 in the PICMG hardware working group and about the available hard- and software components.