8-11 December 2014
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Software for MTCA.4

Standardized Solution for Management Controller for MTCA.4


  • Mr. Michael FENNER

Primary authors

Abstract content

The MTCA standard provides advanced management, monitoring and diagnostics functionalities. The hardware management is based on the extended Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) protocol, that was initially developed for the supervision of complex computers operation. The Module Management Controller (MMC) is required on each card installed in the MTCA chassis to provide IPMI functions. The commercially available implementations of MMC are expensive and do not provide the complete set of functions required for specific High Energy Physics applications. The authors decided to develop a unified solution of a management controller dedicated for AMC and RTM cards, that is fully compliant with AMC and MTCA.4 standards. The MMC v1.00 solution is a dedicated management of AMC and RTM modules. The framework is based on the Atmel ATxmega microcontroller and can be fully customized by a hardware developer or used as a drop-in-module without any modifications. The implementation was verified with various AMC and RTM modules developed at DESY. The presentation discusses the functionality of the MMC v1.00 solution.