Confirmed Lecturers

Prof. Brian Foster (University of Hamburg, GE):
Dr. Maurice Garcia-Sciveres (LBL, USA);
Dr. Harald Sinn (XFEL-DESY, GE);
Prof. Hubert Halloin (University Paris-Diderot, FR);
Dr. Hendrik Jansen (DESY, GE);
Prof. Umberto Marconi (University and INFN Bologna, IT);
Prof. Ian Shipsey (Oxford, UK) ;
Prof Marc Schumann (Albert Einstein Institute, University of Bern, CH);
Prof. Bernard Schutz (Albert Einstein Institute Hannover, MPI, GE);
Prof. Juan Jose Vaquero (University Carlos Tercero, Madrid, SP);   jjvaquer@ing.uc3m.sp
Dr. Laurent Vivien (University Paris Sud, Orsay, FR);
Prof. Qingguo Xie (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, CN);
Dr. Marco Cirelli (IPhT-CEA Saclay, FR);
Dr. Wainer Vandelli (CERN, CH);
Dr. Christophe de la Taille (OMEGA Lab, Ecole Polytechnique/CNRS, FR);
Prof. Riccardo Faccini (Roma 1, La Sapienza, University, IT);
Dr. Lodovico Ratti (University of Pavia, IT);
Prof. Matthew Jones (University of Purdue, USA);
Dr. Badri Krishnan (Albert Einstein Institute Hannover, MPI, GE);
Dr. Grzegorz Deptuch (Fermi National Lab, USA);
Dr. Ingrid Gregor (DESY, GE);
Dr. Ke Wang (Computing Department, Automata Processor Group, University of Virginia);
Dr. Matt Tanner (MICRON SA), USA;
Dr. Paula Collins (CERN);
Prof. Giovanni Ambrosi (Peruggia University, IT);

The lecturers are kindly requested to prepare an abstract to be sent to the LOC, or directly posted on the Timetable.
This will be a useful overview of the lectures for the School participants.