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Introduction session on Advanced Very Deep Sub Micron CMOS technologies, 3D technologies and Industry trends


Location: Hamburg
Address: Jungiusstrasse 9, Hamburg and DESY
Room: Auditorium III 2nd Floor
Date: from 16 Sep 13:30 to 23 Sep 13:00


Intelligent devices as those reviewed in the previous day lectures need compact and closely integrated Front-End processing. The micro-electronic engineers are thus challenged to use cutting-edge Very Deep Sub Micron (VDSM) technology and novel integration techniques for designing this new generation of Front-End circuits, both for the fundamental research and many areas in the applied life. This is a very exciting and fast evolving technology field, tackled by this session that will also show how high tech and Fundamental Physics Research are closely linked here.

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Note that due to Lecturer's time constraint this lecture has been moved of date and time.
Presented by Dr. Grzegorz DEPTUCH on 23/9/2015 at 9:00
This is the first lecture dedicated to the VDSM and 3D vertical interconnects, the second one dedicated specifically to the VDSM technology will be given on September 23, by G. Deptuch (FNAL)
Presented by Prof. Matthew JONES on 16/9/2015 at 11:30
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