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Intelligent Front-End Processing on Instruments


Location: Hamburg
Address: Jungiusstrasse 9, Hamburg and DESY
Room: Auditorium III 2nd Floor
Date: 17 Sep 09:00 - 1:00 PM


Intelligent calorimeters are the first application that will illustrate what was discussed in the lectures given on September 16. They review i) the high processing capability included in the Front-End ASIC sitting on the detectors; ii) how the new technology allows confronting very difficult environmental conditions (non-accessibility, high radiation levels, extreme reliability requirements (high fault tolerance) etc.) ; iii) real time sophisticated filtering and triggering architectures already available or prepared on the front-end electronics and readout system on the detectors. The second application concerns the instruments in Astrophysics filled with Noble gases for Neutrino or Direct Matter searches.

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