18-19 February 2016
Bahrenfeld Campus, CFEL, building 99
Europe/Berlin timezone
Workshop 2
Becoming visible: Self-marketing in academia

An important factor for success in academia lies in the art of linking research topics and publications with oneself and one's name – or in other words: effective self-marketing is essential.

This workshop gives participants a chance to work out a concrete concept for their academic profile and to then use this profile as a basis for developing a plan for presenting their strengths and special topics in various academic areas of activity (working groups, commissions, conferences, social media, public relations). Using the areas in which positive self-presentation is successful or comes readily as a starting part, strategies for expanding into other areas will also be discussed. The potential signal effects of everyday actions in academia will be examined in this context: What behaviours used in daily interactions can contribute to improving your status, and what pitfalls should be avoided?

Focal points:
  • Basics of self-marketing in academia
  • Investigating different fields of action: working environment, committees & academic associations, conferences, internet & social media
  • Making one's field available to the public: How to use press and media
  • Integrating self-marketing actions in one’s daily life
Dr. Tanja A. Meyer-Treschan (www.uni-support.de) has been professionally trained in consulting at scientific institutions and research facilities since 2011, both nationally and internationally. A medical specialist by training, she looks back on profound experience in research and teaching at numerous universities. She has been managing director of “Klinische Prüfungen” and coordinator for “Klinische Forschung” at the clinic for anesthesiology at University of Düsseldorf’s university hospital.

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