from March 30, 2009 to April 1, 2009
St Catherine's College, University of Oxford, UK
Europe/Berlin timezone
The capability to produce material at ultra high energy densities is one of the prioritized areas of science for the upcoming European XFEL facility as described in the Technical Design Report (available at Matter at such energy densities is of relevance to a number of fields of science, including basic plasma physics, materials in extreme environments, and planetary physics and astrophysics. The workshop will bring together scientists interested in using the HEDS instrument at XFEL in order to review the present state of the field, potential experiments on XFEL, and the requirements for the facility in terms of beam characteristics, chamber configuration, diagnostics, and associated instrumentation and data acquisition technology. The workshop will feature a series of invited lectures providing an overview of scientific and technical ideas for the endstation. Group sessions will build on the ideas presented, providing the opportunity for specific input on endstation design and capability from potential users. Registration deadline: 03 March 2009
Starts Mar 30, 2009 13:00
Ends Apr 1, 2009 13:00
St Catherine's College, University of Oxford, UK
Hosting the workshop and support by the Photon Science Research Institute of the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council is gratefully acknowledged