24-27 January 2017
Barcelona (Downtown)
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Barcelona (Downtown) - Residencia d'Investigadors

Update on the TimePix3 telescope


  • Ms. Elena DALL'OCCO

Primary authors

Abstract content

The TimePix3 telescope is a high rate, data driven beam telescope being used to study sensor prototypes for the LHCb VErtex LOcator (VELO) upgrade. In addition to VELO prototype sensors, the telescope has been used to study Upstream Tracker (UT), Scintillating Fibre (SciFi), Ring Imaging CHerenkov (RICH), Time-Of-Flight Ring Imaging CHerenkov (TORCH) and GasTpx3 prototypes. The telescope consists of 8 300 um p-on-n silicon sensors readout by TimePix3 ASICs. Tracks measured with the telescope have excellent temporal and spatial resolution, and can operate at high track rates. We present the software framework used in the reconstruction and analysis of the telescope data. This is based on the Gaudi framework used by many HEP experiments including LHCb. Alignment and reconstruction are performed automatically on a distributed computing system. The framework allows for flexible integration of external users with time-stamped triggers. Further analyses were performed trying to assess the telescope data rate capability and the pointing resolution at the DUT position. A dedicated simulation of the interaction of beam particles was written based on GEANT. This simulation reproduces a few interesting effects in the telescope planes which are understood to be due to diffusion and the relative angles of the telescople planes to the beam. A complete update and current status of the Timepix3 telescope will be presented.