3-5 April 2017
Convention Centre by the Observatory
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Dark Matter in E6 Grand Unification



Primary authors

  • Mr. Jakob SCHWICHTENBERG (Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics (TTP) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))

Abstract content

We discuss fermionic dark matter in non-supersymmetric $E_6$ Grand Unification. The fundamental representation of $E_6$ contains, in addition to the standard model fermions, exotic fermions and we argue that one of them is a viable, interesting dark matter candidate. Its stability is guaranteed by a remnant discrete symmetry that originates when the $E_6$ gauge symmetry is broken spontaneously. We compute the symmetry breaking scales by solving the renormalization group equations numerically after imposing gauge coupling unification. Since the Yukawa couplings of the exotic and the standard model fermions have a common origin the mass of the dark matter particles is constrained. We find a mass range of $10^{7} \text{ GeV}< m_{DM} < 10^{11} \text{ GeV}$ for our $E_6$ dark matter candidate, which is possibly in the reach of next-generation direct detection experiments.