3-5 April 2017
Convention Centre by the Observatory
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Prospects for BSM physics searches in the Higgs sector at the LHC


  • Mr. Jason VEATCH

Primary authors

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Abstract: With the discovery of the $m_h = 125$ GeV Higgs boson, a new pathway to testing BSM models with extended Higgs sectors was opened. Many models predict Higgs couplings to new particles, which motivate a variety of searches at the LHC. Furthermore, modifications to the SM could enhance the Higgs trilinear coupling, putting it within the range of present day experiments. This talk presents the prospects of searches for BSM physics involving the Higgs boson at the LHC, with a focus on searches for pairs of Higgs bosons and interpretations in the context of 2HDM, MSSM, Randall-Sundrum, and Dark Matter models.