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Reconstruction of the inverse beta decay in the DANSS experiment



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for the DANSS collaboration

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Monday Session, Poster Wall #162 (Ballroom)

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The DANSS detector is a compact neutrino spectrometer currently operating under one of reactors of the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant. It records almost 5000 inverse beta decay (IBD) events per day with the fraction of cosmic background not exceeding few percent level.

The IBD reaction is generally reconstructed by selecting the time-correlated pairs of events with the prompt positron and delayed neutron signals. The poster presents the specifics of the application of this technique in the DANSS environment. The choice of criteria, used to identify positron and neutron candidates and to build IBD pairs, is discussed. Various sources of background and their contributions are reviewed. Finally, the time evolution of the obtained antineutrino rates is presented for more than a year of data taking and the practical application of these measurements to the monitoring of the reactor thermal power is discussed.

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