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ZICOS – Neutrinoless double beta decay experiment using Zr-96 with an organic liquid scintillator-


  • Prof. Yoshiyuki FUKUDA

Primary authors


Session and Location

Monday Session, Poster Wall #34 (Auditorium Gallery Right)

Abstract content

A liquid scintillator containing a tetrakis (isopropyl acetoacetate) zirconium has been developed for new project of neutrinoless $^{96}$Zr double beta decay experiment. The liquid scintillator has 1.4 wt.% concentration of Zr, light yield of $48 \pm 7.1 $% for BC505, and an energy resolution of $2.5 \pm 0.4$ % at 3.35 MeV assuming 64 % photo coverage. In order to investigate a half-life over $10^{26}$ years, we need to remove backgrounds such as $^{208}$Tl over one order magnitude. For this purpose, we have developed new technique to use Cherenkov light using their characteristic photon hit pattern, and have obtained the efficieny that 93% of $^{208}$Tl backgrounds could be reduced even though remaining 80% of double beta decay signal. In order to use this technique, we have to separate Cherenkov and Scintillation lights emitted from a few MeV electron using the pulse shape discrimination. Here, we will report recent results of our measurement of pulse shape using the FADC digitizer.

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