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Poster (participating in poster prize competition)

Present status of experiment Neutrino-4.


  • Prof. Anatolii SEREBROV

Primary authors


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Monday Session, Poster Wall #169 (Ballroom)

Abstract content

The main goal of experiment "Neutrino-4" is to search for the oscillation of reactor antineutrino to a sterile state. Experiment is conducted on SM-3 research reactor (Dimitrovgrad, Russia). Data collection with full-scale detector with liquid scintillator volume of $3m^3$ was started in June 2016. We present the latest results of measurements of reactor antineutrino flux dependence on the distance in range 6-12 meters from the center of the reactor. At that distance range, the fit of experimental dependence has good agreement with the law $1/L^2$. Which means, at achieved during the data collecting accuracy level oscillations to sterile state are not observed. An analysis of possible oscillation parameters values is presented, but accuracy is not sufficient to make any statements and it should be improved.

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