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Poster (not participating in poster prize competition)

Precise measurement of theta13 and dm^2_ee at RENO


  • Mr. DongHa LEE

Primary authors


Session and Location

Monday Session, Poster Wall #172 (Ballroom)

Abstract content

The RENO experiment has measured the neutrino mixing angle θ_13 and dm^2_ee, using reactor antineutrinos from the reactors at Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant since Aug. 2011. In 2016, RENO published results on sin^2(2θ_13) and dm^2_ee using the energy dependent oscillation of reactor antineutrinos in the 500days of data. RENO has accumulated roughly ~2000 days of data with reduced backgrounds and thus decreased systematic uncertainties. Due to the improved statistics and systematic uncertainties we measured sin^2(2θ_13) and dm^2_ee more precisely. In this talk we will present new results from the ~2000 days data.

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