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Contribution Poster direct neutrino mass

Poster (participating in poster prize competition)

First stability measurements of the KATRIN WGTS cryostat performance

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for the KATRIN Collaboration

Session and Location

Monday Session, Poster Wall #5 (Robert-Schumann-Room)

Abstract content

The KATRIN experiment measures the electron antineutrino mass with a sensitivity of 0.2$\,\mathrm{eV}/c^2$. This goal sets strong requirements on the systematic uncertainties of the measurement. One main systematic uncertainty is related to the stability of operational parameters of the Windowless Gaseous Tritium Source (WGTS). These have to be monitored and controlled on the per mille level. To achieve the temperature stability of one per mille at the two operational temperatures 30$\,\mathrm{K}$ and 100$\,\mathrm{K}$, a novel cooling system with liquid noble gases was developed by the KATRIN collaboration. The poster reports of the first tests of the WGTS cooling system during the last year, which demonstrated the outstanding performance of the cryostat with a temperature stability being one order of magnitude better than envisaged. The same was demonstrated for the magnetic field stability of the seven superconducting magnets of the WGTS with field strengths up to 3.9$\,\mathrm{T}$.

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