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Calibration Systems for the SuperNEMO Experiment


  • Mr. Ramon SALAZAR

Primary authors

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On behalf of the SuperNEMO collaboration

Session and Location

Monday Session, Poster Wall #50 (Auditorium Gallery Right)

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SuperNEMO is the successor of the NEMO-3 experiment and will search for the hypothetical process of 0νββ by combining tracking and calorimetric measurements. The SuperNEMO calorimeter consists of 712 optical modules made of scintillator blocks directly coupled to photomultiplier tubes. Radioactive $^{207}$Bi sources will be used to calibrate the energy scale of the calorimeter in dedicated calibration runs separated by a few weeks. In between these runs, a Light Injection (LI) system will monitor the stability of the calorimetric response to 1%. The LI system injects pulsed LED light into each scintillator block via optical fibers. A reference optical module is used to monitor the light level against a $^{241}$Am source. The details of the calibration and monitoring systems are presented.

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