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The Status of the AMoRE experiment


  • Dr. SeungCheon KIM

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for the AMoRE collaboration

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Monday Session, Poster Wall #56 (Auditorium Gallery Right)

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The AMoRE(Advanced Mo based Rare process Experiment) collaboration intends to find neutrinoless double beta decay of Mo-100 using CaMoO$_4$ crystals. The crystals are equipped with MMC-type phonon and photon sensors to detect both thermal and scintillation signals from particle interactions in the crystals cooled down to 10~20 mK. The experiment is to be realized in three phases. AMoRE pilot is the almost completed R&D phase with a 1.9 kg array of six crystals enriched in Mo-100 and depleted in Ca-48 running at the 700-m-deep Yangyang underground lab. The AMoRE I phase will have 5 kg of detectors. AMoRE II will utilize about 200 kg of molybdate crystal scintillators to explore the inverted neutrino mass hierarchy. A new 1000-m-deep underground lab which will accomodate the AMoRE II detector will be excavated by the end of 2019. The collaboration has already secured 50 kg of Mo-100 isotope out of 120 kg contracted. The status and prospects of the experiment will be presented.

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