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Poster (participating in poster prize competition)

Commissioning and Characterization of the Tritium Gas Circulation System of the KATRIN Experiment


  • Mr. Bennet KRASCH
  • Mr. Alexander MARSTELLER

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for the KATRIN collaboration

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Monday Session, Poster Wall #11 (Robert-Schumann-Room)

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The KATRIN (Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino) experiment aims to measure the mass of the electron anti-neutrino $\overline{\nu}\mathrm{e}$ with a sensitivity of 200 meV/c² by measuring the spectrum of the beta electrons close to the kinematic endpoint region. The beta-electrons are generated in a windowless gaseous tritium source (WGTS) consisting of T$_2$ molecules inside an enclosing beam-tube of 10 m length, a diameter of 90 mm and at a temperature of 30 K. A continuous feed of molecular tritium (40 g/day) into the WGTS is necessary to keep the tritium purity stable on the 0.1% level at a concentration of $\epsilon\mathrm{T}$ > 95% and the beta-activity at 10$^{11}$ decays per second. We present results of the spring 2018 commissioning of the gas circulation system with deuterium focussing on system characterization and performance, gas injection stability and analysis of time dependent compositional changes (e.g. exchange between H$_2$, HD, D$_2$) measured by Raman spectroscopy.

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